Lisa Levy

Lisa L. Levy was born and raised Albuquerque, NM and now resides in Phoenix, AZ for the past 26 years with her partner Dave of 9 Years. Lisa L. Levy has a Bachelor of Science and Electronic Media Management from Northern Arizona University. Lisa L. Levy was awarded the 2020 Top Change Management Consulting / Service Company. Lisa also holds a few accreditations such as the Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Project Management Professional NAU’s W. A. FRANKE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS – Information Systems Advisory Council (ISAC) to name a few. Lisa’s experience spans more than twenty-five years in many industries including utilities, healthcare, finance, banking, identity theft protection, academia, state, and city government. Lisa L. Levy is the Founder and CEO of Lcubed Consulting for the past twelve years, a business that helps organizations elevate through strategic goal achievement. She is also a Bestselling author of Future Proofing Cubed and recently became an International Bestselling Author with her Story Featured in an Anthology Book ‘Gift of the Universe Through Women that Lead’ which is endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen.

With the increasing rate of change and disruption many leaders believe they must survive, in a constant state of chaos. Lisa L. Levy experienced this exact phenomenon first hand, when working in a corporate role, where there were too many chiefs to get a job done. Where change of leadership and constant communication fallouts were confusing the common goals and creating more breakdowns in operations and productivity directly affecting the bottom line. Lisa L. Levy was determined to find a better way and has dedicated her life to help savvy business leaders who want to build agility into their operating model to continuously Adapt and Thrive by using her signature Adaptive Transformation™ framework.

Lisa L. Levy now travels the world virtually and to live events helping men and women, business leaders and entrepreneurs deliver results by focusing on the critical items and overcoming trivial distractions. She shares her background which allows her to lead organizations at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels, and thereby generating their commitment to succeed and enables them to have big picture results.